Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

Designed by TalentSprint and supported by Google, this two-year experiential program aims to create 600 world-class women developers over 3 years. The program is a combination of summer coding bootcamps, live online classes, ongoing mentorship, certification and team-based projects to enhance problem-solving and computational thinking.

It also provides exemplary participants with a chance to get career opportunities with high end product companies including Google.

Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program, is a program that provides an opportunity for talented and motivated women engineering students. If you are a woman student keen to excel in the global tech industry, this program is for you.

If you are a talented and motivated woman student wanting to excel in the global tech industry, this program will enhance your problem-solving and computational thinking. It also provides exemplary participants a chance to get career opportunities with high end product companies including Google.

Despite the fact that women famously played a pioneering role in the early decades of programming and technology, the participation of women engineers in the technology sector globally still only stands at 26%, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The primary objective of this program is to address the gender imbalance in technology by grooming promising talent among women engineering students to advance and contribute to the field. Prioritising inclusion, the program is designed to support talented women engineers from under-privileged and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Hence, this program is only for Women.

Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program is completely sponsored by Google and 100% of the program fee will be paid by Google. In addition, each participant attending this program will receive a stipend of Rs. 2,00,000.

Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program spans across two years, with four modules comprising of both bootcamps and online session.

Module 0 Timeline: Mar 2020 - Apr 2020
Preparatory Sessions

Module 1 Timeline: Jun 2020 - Nov 2020
Bootcamp (5 Weeks)
Online (Weekly once for 20 weeks)

Module 2 Timeline: Dec 2020 - Mar 2021
Bootcamp (2 Weeks)
Online (Weekly once for 15 Weeks)

Module 3 Timeline:May 2021 - Nov 2021
Bootcamp (5 Weeks)
Online (Weekly once for 20 Weeks)

Module 4 Timeline:Dec 2021 - Mar 2022
Bootcamp (2 Weeks)
Online (Weekly once for 15 Weeks)

The preparatory classes to strenghthen your programming foundation will commence in mid of March, 2020. The first module of the program will start from Jun, 2020.

All the bootcamps are scheduled to be conducted in Hyderabad. Students need to attend these in person.

The batch will contain 120 to 150 aspiring women college students.

  • Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program is supported by Google.
  • The students get mentored by senior leaders from Google
  • Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program students will get an opportunity to apply to career opportunities at Google.
  • Top performers may also get a chance to participate in Google events.

Technology field, which was equally represented by Men and Women earlier, has a low representation of women today. The industry needs more women engineers. All the top tech companies are looking to enhance the gender ratio and include more women in their workforce.

TalentSprint Women Engineer Program, supported by Google, focuses on providing an opportunity for potential women engineers across India. This 2-year Program will enable select women students to build global competitive abilities. Sponsored by Google, the Program provides participants with 100% scholarship and stipend.

This Program aims to create a pool of talented, globally competitive women engineers for the tech industry. This will help the industry to recruit from a pool of high-quality women engineers and at the same time provide intelligent women students with an opportunity to shine in the global tech industry.

The objective of Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program is to nurture capable women students into globally competitive women engineers irrespective of their socio-economic profile. Hence the program is offered by providing full scholarship as well as stipend to enable candidates to benefit from the Program.

To qualify for the Program, you must first submit your application and the required documents. In case your application is approved by the Selection Committee, you will have to attend the Selection Procedure that includes:

  • Online Application: Apply for the program with your details and the required documents.
  • Online Aptitude Test: Candidate will be tested based on their Analytical and Verbal Reasoning and English Language Skills.
  • Online Coding Assessment: In Python (After online learning).
  • Online Interview: Candidates must attend an online Interview.

How to apply

If you are an eligible woman student in the first year of your college, please visit and apply online for the program.

Fill up the form (5 minutes).

Applicants who fulfil the criteria will be invited for the Assessment Process.

The application window period is from Jan 21, 2020 to Feb 9, 2020.

Application review will focus on

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Academic credentials
  • Socio-economic background
  • Applications will be reviewed by Selection Committee and their decision is final.


Women students in the first year of their graduation

  • Degrees: B.E., B.Tech.
  • Streams: IT, CS or equivalent
  • Grade: Over 70% in both X and XII

The applicants will undergo a 4 stage selection process:

Stage 1: Analytical and logical reasoning test - 120 minutes
Stage 2: English Language test - 55 minutes
Stage 3: Python coding test (After 2 weeks of self-learning) - 60 minutes
Stage 4: Interviews

The Selection Tests can be taken at the comfort of your own place.

You need to have a Computer / Laptop with Camera, Mic, 2 MBPS internet connection and necessary Power Backup.

It will be a Proctored Test and the software will be able to track aspects like who is at the computer, or if any other browser is opened

You need to carry any of your identity card to start your test

A sample paper will be shared with those applicants who are invited for the Selection Test Stages along with test schedule and details.

For the Stage 3 selection, which tests your self learning ability for programming in Python, you will get online reading materials for programming in Python. In addition to the reading material you will have doubt clearing sessions (twice in a week) with our faculty members to assist your self-learning.

There is no specific pre-requisite programming language required for joining the Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program.
However, the applicants would require the following skills to ace the selection process.
Analytical and logical reasoning, problem solving skills
English language skills
Self-learnt python programming skills (After 2 week of self-learning python programming with our faculty assitance).

Interviews will be held online using Google Hangouts. You will receive notifications regarding the interview on your registered email address.

The interview is conducted to assess your communication skills, validate test performance and most importantly, your motivation and purpose behind attending this Program.

You will receive an email upon successfully clearing every stage of the Selection Process.

Once you have successfully cleared all the stages of the selection process, you will receive the final selection status on your registered email address.

There are limited seats for the Program. On getting communication on the Final Selection, you will be required to Enrol for the program within 2 days with the required documents to confirm your enrollment for the program.. In case you do not act / enroll on time, your seat may be released to other applicants.

Program Content

The 2 year program covers topics across three broad areas:

Self Discovery and Development
Learning to Learn
Psychometric Instrument
IAmRemarkable Session
Career choices counseling
Your Story Sessions
Google Mentoring Sessions

Technical Competence
Coding & unit testing skills
Computational Thinking
Object Oriented & Functional paradigm
Software tools & techniques
Problem solving & Competitive coding skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
Design thinking & System building
Architectural considerations
Introduction to AI & ML

Professional Readiness Skills
Technical presentation skills
Paper writing skills
Resume writing
Interview Preparation
Domain preparation for Career choices

Once enrolled into the program, all the required content will be available in your learning platform.

Program Outcomes

Become a professional coder
Get mentored by senior engineers at Google
Build projects on real-life use cases
Receive Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program Certification
Participate in global coding challenges and hackathons
Present technical papers and projects
Start your career with leading global organizations

You will receive the Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program Certification upon successful completion of the program.

Stipend is provided for all the selected women students. It will be paid in tranches based on successful completion of different modules.

The Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows Program does not provide Internships. Successful students will have the opportunity to apply for internships and jobs at high end product companies including Google.